We produce a wide range of laundry equipment for you, so you can get the machines exactly what you need. Lavamac machines work successfully in a wide variety of industries.

- Self-service laundry (coin operated laundries)
- Apartments

- Dry cleaning laundries

- On premise laundries (hospitals, hotels, sports clubs, restaurants, etc.)
- Hospital laundries
- Laundries on boats (cargo and passenger ships)

If you are interested in Lavamac machines please see our offer and contact with our sales department.

Health care

Machines with hygienic barriers ensure safe washing of hospital linen. Infected fabrics don’t meet with the clean ones, so they do not have cross-contamination. Washing is safe and effective.

Commercial Laundries

Lavamac produces professional machines for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, coin operated and commercial laundries.

Coin-op laundries

Self-service laundries can be a lucrative business. Lavamac produces reliable, economical washing machines, dryers and ironers. They work successfully in laundries all over the world.

Hotels and pensions

If you plan to equip your own laundry in hotel, pension or replace old equipment, our team is at your disposal. We will help you in designing, equipping and running the laundry.

Cleaning companies

We have reliable and easy to use washing machines to wash mops.

Wet cleaning

Lavamac machines provide an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical aggregates. They wash safely and economically even the most delicate fabrics.

Social sphere

Laundry in the rest home contributes to the home atmosphere. In addition, it is a great solution for washing, drying and ironing of underwear, work clothes and tablecloths.

Multi housing

Shared laundry is a place of neighborhood integration. In addition, it can be a good alternative to home washing machines, saving space and money.

Food industry

Food processing companies are demanding customers. They wash a lot, according to the highest hygienic standards and regulations. Lavamac machines are not afraid of such challenges.

Textile industry

If your fabric need to be wash, refresh, impregnate, dry or iron our machines are perfect for you. They are not afraid of hard work.

Pharmaceutical and electronic industry

If technology requires special sterility and you have to wash and dry your protective clothing in a “clean room”, Lavamac machines are perfect for you.

Nuclear and special industry

We deal with the washing of contaminated work clothing from the nuclear industry or other similar industry.


Theater costumes require gentle and effective washing. Thanks to modern controllers, precise control systems and special programs, Lavamac machines are perfect for this job.

Sport clubs and horse stud

Washing sportswear is not an easy, it requires delicacy and determination. It is often necessary to remove difficult stains from technologically advanced fabrics. We successfully solve such problems.

Fire brigades

Washing and drying of firefighters clothing requires special technology. Lavamac machines provide gentle washing and impregnation of fire resistant fabrics.

Hairdressers and cosmetics salons

Independent washing of towels and neck covers gives a lot of savings, convenience and longer life of washed fabrics. Lavamac machines are great for you.


Lavamac laundry machines are irreplaceable for the washing of textiles provided to passengers during flights, cabin crew uniforms and ground staff.

Restaurants and catering

Perfect washed and ironed tablecloths are one of the restaurant business attribute. Washing of gastronomic textiles is not a simple task. Our machines deal with difficult problems.


Durability, reliability and ease of use are the features of Lavamac Laundry Machines.


The army requires very universal machines. There need to be washed gala uniforms, fields that are made of special fabrics, heat resistant and breathable. In addition, they must be extremely durable, reliable and easy to use. This is how Lavamac machines are.

Car services

Employee clothing is a business attribute. This is difficult especially in places where it is easy to get dirty. Lavamac machines can handle oils and greases stains.


The ability to wash clothes during vacation is an important facility for guests. Lavamac can offer coin operated machines.

Kindergartens and nursery

Bed linens and baby clothes must be carefully washed with gentle, non-allergenic detergents. Modern controllers and multipurpose dispensers make this task a lot easier.


Ship-mounted devices must meet specific technical requirements. Lavamac offers an individual approach to the needs of different users, we produce machines for special orders.

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